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Get a guaranteed backup offer from Properly

Use our backup offer to secure firm financing from the bank quickly.

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If your home doesn’t sell on the market within 90 days, we'll buy it directly from you at our backup offer price.

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Traditional Agent Process

Get market value for your home
Use current home’s equity to buy new home
Move into new home before listing
Skip the hassle of showings
Eliminate risk your home won’t sell
Carry only one mortgage at a timeSometimes

Freedom to buy today

Properly’s backup offer unlocks your home’s equity, so that you have the money to buy the home you want without the need to sell – or even list – your current home first.

“Properly made an offer on our home upfront, so we felt comfortable setting our budget and buying our new home.”
Ramon M, Ottawa Properly Homes Brokerage Customer • Mar 2020

Say goodbye to showings

Don’t live in a museum. We’ll sell your old home while you relax in your new one.

Eliminate the risk

In the off chance your home doesn’t sell on market, we’ll buy it ourselves.

Avoid double mortgages

We’ll pay your current home’s mortgage while selling it. Yes, you read that right.

Trusted by Canadians

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“Honestly, I can't express how happy I was with our experience. I was hesitant at first because it is a newer company, but so happy we made the switch. We were with another realtor of a larger well known realty company; casually looking for a while (couple years) but it didn't seem to get us anywhere.” Read full review

J Hoang

September 2020Google review
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“Awesome experience. Michael Montgomery was great. Kept in touch, always answered questions - made the whole experience very smooth. We were recommended to Properly and would definitely recommend that people work with Michael. Brilliant job - thanks Michael!.” Read full review

Karen McKeon

September 2020Google review
Map of property

“My experience with Properly was great. I was a little hesitant each step of the way given that this was a company that none of my friends or family had used before and was a different way of selling a house. That being said every step of the process was extremely smooth, straight forward and exactly what they had prepared me.” Read full review

Mandy Getz

July 2020Google review

Real estate 101

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