Jason Hibbard

Real Estate Agent

  • Real Estate Experience

    I've always had an interest in housing. It started when I was a boy delivering the North Shore News and the Real Estate Weekly newspapers - I would read through the real estate sections, mostly in awe of just how big and opulent homes could be. As I grew up, I became less interested in how grand they could be, and more interested in what made each one special. Castles come in all shapes and sizes, and I never pressure my clients to buy something they aren't comfortable with. This creates space to further grow and better understand the client's needs, and makes it possible to know and uncover questions they didn't know they had. Years of experience and surrounding myself with the best in the business makes it possible to always find the right answers.

  • About me

    I've lived on the North Shore my entire life. I enjoy travelling, but crossing Lion's Gate Bridge with the lions in the background and the ocean beneath is a feeling that anyone who knows where home is can relate to. I spend a great deal of my time driving; when I'm not supporting clients, I'm shuttling my kids around to the ski hills or driving to launch my kayak. And when I can finally hang up my car keys, the cycling trails are just outside my front door. I’m fortunate to have family around every corner, and we all truly love the great outdoors!

  • Dream home feature

    As my kids get older, I find myself wanting to create a home environment that fosters a "want to be at dad's" vibe. Future plans for my home would include a pool, home gym, maybe a games room? Whatever it takes to keep 'em close!

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