Get your home winter-ready with our maintenance checklist

Your home is likely your biggest asset, and the best way to protect it is regular inspections and maintenance, especially before a change of season. There’s a lot of seasonal maintenance tasks you can take care of on your own, or with the help of relatively inexpensive handyperson services.

The trendiest ways to deck the halls this holiday season

This year has been one where anything goes, including decorating three months or more before the holidays. Many experts say that the need for holiday cheer is at its peak in 2020, given the restrictions on social gatherings due to the pandemic. Decorating early for Christmas has been scientifically proven to make people happier, and we could all use a little extra joy this season.

How to get your house ready for cozy season

Few of us are excited to see the end of warm weather and the beginning of more time indoors – especially this year – but there is some good news: cozy season is here! To help chase away the winter blues, try tackling a few home decor projects and at-home ...

Home improvement projects to tackle during your time indoors

This winter, you’ll likely find yourself staying inside more often than usual – why not put that time to good use with a few home improvement projects? There’s always something you can upgrade in your home to make it better suit your needs, your style, or just to make it feel more home-y. Here are a few of our favourite ideas for DIY home projects, with options for any level of home improvement experience: