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“It feels like a house in the sky:” How this Mississauga couple found their perfect place with Properly

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When Shiv moved into Lauren’s bachelorette pad in Toronto, it took six months before they considered buying a more spacious place to call home. The couple and their rabbit, Mochi, enjoyed the view of the sunsets and the coziness of the condo but, eventually, they started dreaming bigger.

“As we looked towards the future, settling down, and potentially starting a family, we wanted something with more space to work and grow into,” says Shiv. And with Lauren’s family visiting from England for a month at a time, the need to search for more space was increasingly on their minds.

Without any pressure to find a place immediately, Lauren and Shiv took their time reviewing MLS listings, waiting until they found the right home for their needs. Their home buying checklist?: more space to grow and host family, proximity to the big city, and closeness to family and friends. So, when Lauren happened upon a condo listing in Mississauga that was renovated and faced the lake, she reached out to Properly

“We made an appointment with [Properly agent] Diane Ciszkowicz to go and see that [unit] and when we arrived, she said, ‘I made two other appointments to see other listings in the building,’ which we hadn't seen on MLS,” says Lauren. “And then we ended up liking one of those a lot more than the original one that we went to see.”

We connected with the couple in their ‘house in the sky’ to learn more about their buying and selling journey, and just how easy the real estate process can be – with the right service, support, and people guiding the way.

Sale Assurance took stress out of the picture

Once Lauren and Shiv fell in love with the perfect property, their minds naturally turned to financing and the logistics of buying and selling. “I think it's always the pressure of, ‘Are we going to get financing? Are we going to be able to sell in time for that closing date?’ I was dreading that a little bit,” says Lauren. 

The couple knew that they required equity to purchase the condo. With Properly’s Sale Assurance, they were able to unlock the equity they needed to move into their next home without having to sell first. “I'm always worried about not getting financing, no matter how much money I'm making. So that was nice to have Sale Assurance and its help with financing the mortgage as well,” says Lauren.

“Because we weren't actively looking, we hadn't been pre-approved for a mortgage. We had no idea whether or not the bank would give us a mortgage for the condo we liked.” But, thanks to Sale Assurance, the couple says they sailed through the approval process. “I think because our bank was familiar with Properly, it made the process smoother,” says Lauren. 

Sale Assurance gave us that bit of security to know that, worst case scenario, this is the floor of what we could get for our condo unit and it wouldn’t be any less than that. It was huge for us to have that as a safety net to make sure that we could navigate any changes in the market.

In fact, the couple was pleasantly surprised at Properly’s offer for Lauren’s home. “I thought they were going to offer a lot less. I guess I didn't realize how much my place was worth. And then Properly paid for some staging and other work and we got some of the profit from that because it was above and beyond the agreed-upon price,” says Lauren.

“One of the things that jumped out at me when we were going through the Sale Assurance clauses was the fact that Lauren had the full autonomy to look at the sale price and give her okay, or maybe keep going in terms of searching for another buyer. The Sale Assurance was flexible, which was really good to see,” says Shiv. 

No pressure during the packing process

With the purchase made and the move-in date quickly approaching, Lauren and Shiv turned their attention to preparing for the move. They knew the Properly team would take care of staging when they had moved out, so they didn’t worry about keeping their condo in pristine condition for listing appointments. 

Knee-deep in bank paperwork and packing, the couple was delighted when Diane scheduled a plumber to fix a leaky faucet in the bathroom. “To have her do that for us and not have to think about it was really helpful. I can't imagine trying to show the place with all of the stuff packed up or having to rent a storage locker for it. It was really good to be able to move a little more gradually.” says Lauren. 

“We were also working from home too, so it would've been a challenge to have people come by and see the place. And we'd have to put our bunny somewhere safe as well. We probably would've had to take off time from work for daytime listing appointments. Thankfully, we didn't have to worry about any of that.”

When Lauren and Shiv moved out, Properly’s staging team moved in to spiff up the condo for the listing process. 

They made the place look beautiful for the market. That took a lot of pressure off of us to have to fix it up and to showcase it.

“Also, my style is maybe a little bit boho for some people. I have a lot of plants, so it was kind of a jungle when you came in … and it was colourful, too. So, having the advice from the stager to paint certain walls to make it more universally appealing was a good thing,” says Lauren.

Selling was made simple, too

Within 24 hours of her condo going on the market, Lauren began to receive offers. Since she knew she was in a good position, she didn’t sweat the small stuff when it came to making a decision. Once again, Diane helped the couple through the selling process, taking care to ensure they understood what their options were every step of the way. 

We found Properly to be very transparent with each of the steps [of buying and selling]. We knew exactly what we were getting into, what was coming up, and all of the timelines. Diane was also very clear on what they needed from us vs. what Properly would take care of. It was really good to understand it all from end to end so we could get through the process efficiently.

“And the good thing about Diane is that she’s very sweet and kind, but the negotiation was … am I allowed to say badass? She was a total badass. The negotiation was on point. It was nice to have that balance of her being so personable and sweet and then a really hard negotiator. I felt like I wanted to be more like her!” adds Lauren.

Living the dream in their new place

Today, Lauren, Shiv and Mochi are enjoying their condo with the lakefront view. With more space, they have the freedom to spread out and are eagerly anticipating a visit from Lauren’s parents now that they can offer them a room of their own.

They’re also enjoying the added bonuses of condo amenities and the green space surrounding the property, which is a big benefit for their bunny. “Little Mochi can run around as much as she wants in this place and I go to the gym downstairs often. We recently bought tennis rackets and we’re going to teach ourselves to play.”

The proximity to the lake is also huge for the couple. “One of the big things about the previous unit is that we were so close to the water. I know that being able to stay that close to the lake in other areas would have been very costly.

We’re grateful to our agent Diane, and Properly, for helping us get the opportunity to put in the offer at the right time and get everything together to be able to live here.

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*When you buy before you sell with Properly's Sale Assurance, we guarantee the minimum sale price of your home. And on the rare occasion that it doesn't sell within 90 days, we'll purchase it from you for that pre-agreed-upon Sale Assurance value.
**This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.
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