For this East end family, the perfect home was just down the street

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When we think about "home," we tend to fixate on the space we live in. Is it a house or an apartment? How many bedrooms and bathrooms does it have? Is it a fixer-upper or a new build? Did it come fully furnished, or did you decorate it yourself?

But home is so much more than just a house. It's the family that inhabits it — and the friends who visit so often it feels like they do too. It's the neighbours who've become fast friends, your favourite local stores and restaurants, the familiar sights and smells. 

Those are the things that Toronto couple Pat and Chantelle weren't willing to give up when they began the search for a bigger space in their East end neighbourhood.

We spoke to the couple to hear their buying and selling story and learn more about how — with a lot of patience, a little luck, and the help of a very attentive agent — they finally found the home of their dreams.

When did you know it was time to move?

We moved into our first home, on Gerrard Street East, in 2017, just after having our daughter Julieta. It was a good starter home, but we always knew it wasn't our 'forever home.' Gerrard is a busy street, there was no parking, and we had very little outdoor space for the kids — now we have two kids — to play. And then last year, between working from home full-time and virtual school, the lack of space became a problem that only moving could solve.

We didn't want to feel under the gun to buy a house. We wanted to be patient and wait for the right place to become available. 

And staying in the same area was on your list of must-haves?

Yes! We really love the neighbourhood so staying here was at the top of our wishlist. 

There are tons of things to do around here as a family, we'd met so many great people, and our kids had made friends that we didn't want them to lose. We'd become embedded in the community. Plus, the schools are really good. 

But it's very rare that houses that meet all our needs go up for sale here, so we were really stressed about being able to stay in the area. And we were worried that if we sold our house and needed to rush to find a new one, we'd have to settle for a home we didn't love.

Sometimes it takes time for the perfect house to hit the market, doesn't it?

It really does. 

We didn't want to feel under the gun to buy a house. We wanted to be patient and wait for the right place to become available. Luckily, we saw a Facebook ad for Properly, which is how we learned that we could buy before we sold with Sale Assurance. It sounded too good to be true, but if it was real, it would solve our problem. 

We did some research and then had an intro call with our agent, Rahim. We're so glad we decided to take that call because Properly was a life-changer. Not only were we not forced to sell first, but all risk of not selling was removed since we knew that we had Sale Assurance.

Honestly, we can't believe we accomplished our goal of staying in the neighbourhood. We really thought it was a pipe dream. 

Did you find your dream home?

It took a while for us to find the right place. We first met with Rahim in the fall of 2020, and we weren't prepared to move yet. But 6 months later, when he followed up, we were ready.  

Rahim found our new home — a classic 3 bedroom semi-detached house, which ended up being just 200 metres away from our old place. In fact, we always used to park in front of the house when we couldn't find a spot on our own street. It felt like it was meant to be. 

But we were convinced there would be a bidding war on the house, so even though we loved it, we didn't even submit an offer at first. Rahim was staying in touch with the selling agent, though, and he found out there hadn't been any offers at all, so we jumped on it.

Honestly, we can't believe we accomplished our goal of staying in the neighbourhood. We really thought it was a pipe dream. 

That's amazing. Was your selling experience as smooth?

Usually, you hear stories about houses selling really quickly, especially in this market. But that didn't happen to us. There were 80 showings, but people didn't love the busy street and living across from a gas station. Under normal circumstances, we'd be nervous about the house not selling, but because we had Sale Assurance, we weren't stressed at all! 

We listed the house, got no offers, re-listed, and then again got no offers. But Rahim is very persistent, and right before our Sale Assurance contract was going to kick in* he got us two offers — for above asking. 

We ended up with more money than expected, which was the icing on the cake.

*When you buy before you sell with Properly's Sale Assurance, we guarantee the minimum sale price of your home. And on the rare occasion that it doesn't sell within 90 days, we'll purchase it from you for that pre-agreed-upon Sale Assurance value.
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