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How do you determine my Sale Assurance value and how long is it good for?


How do you determine my Sale Assurance value?

Your Sale Assurance value is determined by our Data Science and Pricing teams, who use a combination of best-in-class modelling and decades of market expertise in their calculation. Our team of local pricing experts validates this output, and ensures that all your home’s unique features and upgrades have been properly accounted for in our calculation.

Properly’s Sale Assurance is the highest possible value we can give to unlock the equity in your current home so that you can buy your next one, while creating a buffer that minimizes the chances of us having to purchase your current home after 90 days on market. 


How long is the Sale Assurance value valid for?

Your Sale Assurance value as presented to you by your Real Estate Agent is valid for 7 days. After that, we need to refresh it based on any new comparable sales or market movements. The price could go up or down, but is unlikely to move dramatically unless a long time has passed or the market conditions have changed materially.  

Once you’re ready to buy your next home, we’ll prepare a final Sale Assurance value that you can use to obtain financing to purchase your next home. Once you sign our Sale Assurance agreement, your Sale Assurance value is locked in and won’t change (even if the market declines). 

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