Frequently Asked Questions


What types of homes can I purchase with Properly?

With Properly, you can buy any home on the market! 

A Properly Real Estate Agent matched with you based on your neighbourhoods of interest will help you find your dream home. They’re top-ranked, local agents who can help you book tours, recommend homes, negotiate your offers, and buy the home.

Can I buy a new build?

Some builders work with real estate agents and others don’t. In order to use Properly to buy a new build, the builder will have to cooperate with real estate agents.  

What if I’ve already picked my next home?

If you already know what home you want to buy, you can still use Properly. Skip the hassle in your home sale and choose when you move so you have no overlapping mortgages or rental costs.  

What if I’ve already signed with my own agent?

Properly employs top-ranked Real Estate Agents in the cities we’re available. If you’ve already signed with another agent, you’ll have to get a release from your contract before we can help find your future home.

Can I buy a home in any city in Canada?

Whether buying, selling, or both, we believe Canadians should have a hassle-free, fair, and modern solution available. That’s why we’re working to expand across Canada.

Properly primarily offers services in the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Vancouver Area. If you are selling in these regions but buying a property outside of them, you may still qualify to work with Properly and receive Sale Assurance, but we may refer you to a Properly partner agent who can help you find, tour and make offers on your new home.

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