Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to work with your Real Estate Agents on my purchase and/or sale to get Properly's Sale Assurance?

If you are buying a property in the Greater Toronto Area or Hamilton Area, we will match you with a top-rated Properly agent experienced with the homes you’re interested in. If you are selling in the Greater Toronto Area or Hamilton Area but buying a property outside of these areas, you may still qualify to work with Properly and receive Sale Assurance, but we may refer you to a Properly partner agent who can help you find, tour and make offers on your new home.

If you are currently working with an agent or have a pre-existing agent relationship, we are also able to partner with your current agent to provide you with Sale Assurance. Let your Properly Experience Manager know if you are interested in working with your own agent but would like to take advantage of Properly's Sale Assurance.


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