Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Properly's services cost?

The commissions to buy and sell a home vary depending as to whether you choose to use a Properly guaranteed backup offer to buy your next home before you list, or to use Properly's classic listing and buyer representation services (Properly Market):

  • Buy & Sell with a guaranteed backup offer: Commissions to buy and sell with a guaranteed backup offer are 5% of the sale value of your current home. This is the same cost a traditional real estate agent typically charges to buy and sell, but includes a guaranteed backup offer that allows you to buy your next home before you list your current one. 
  • Properly Market: The fees to list your home without a guaranteed backup offer are 4.5%. There are no fees to purchase a property with a Properly agent (the seller typically pays all commissions when selling their home, of which often half is offered to a buyer’s agent).

If you decide to work with Properly using Properly Market but later want a guaranteed backup offer, you can always upgrade. This is a great option if you find a home you love and want the option to act fast and make an unconditional offer. 

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