Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Properly's services cost?

Working with Properly costs 5% of the sale value of your current home. This is the same cost a traditional real estate agent typically charges to buy and sell, but includes Sale Assurance that allows you to buy your next home before you list your current one. 


Of the 5% commission we collect on the sale of your home, half (2.5%) is actually paid to the real estate brokerage representing the buyer of the home. The remainder is paid to Properly and your real estate agent.


Properly believes in reinvesting our commission to provide unparalleled value to our clients. When you buy your new home, Properly also earns 2.5% commission as your real estate brokerage - this time paid for by the seller of your new home. It is this commission that we use to offer Sale Assurance, staging, and other benefits without charging you a higher price than traditional agents. 

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