Frequently Asked Questions

How does Properly make money?

Properly offers new ways to buy and sell homes designed to reduce stress and increase your chances of success. Because our approaches are new, our customers naturally wonder how exactly we make money.

The answer is simple. We collect a sales commission just like any real estate agent or brokerage. What makes Properly different is that we offer much more value to our customers for the same commission as traditional real estate agents charge.



Our commissions differ from city to city to match the local needs and norms of each area. Please see here for a detailed description of our offerings in different areas.

Similar to all Canadian real estate brokerages, part of the sales commission we collect is given directly to the Properly real estate agent assigned to sell each home, and part is also given to the real estate agent representing the buyer of the home.

Properly believes in reinvesting our commission to provide unparalleled value to our clients through tech-enabled solutions. It is this commission that we use to offer Sale Assurance and other benefits including staging, photography, and marketing services. 



Let’s take the Greater Toronto Area for an example. Here, the prevailing commission rate, and Properly commission rate, is 5% of your home’s final sale price.

Of the 5% commission we collect on the sale of your home, half (2.5%) is paid to the real estate brokerage representing the buyer of your home. The remaining 2.5% goes to Properly, part of which goes directly to your Properly real estate agent.

When you buy your new home with Properly, we earn 2.5% commission as your buying real estate brokerage. This amount is paid by the real estate brokerage representing the seller of your new home, just like we pay out 2.5% to the buyer agents of homes we sell. 


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