How It Works

Skip repairs, showings, and uncertainty

Selling to Properly is simple

  • Get a free, no-obligation cash offer

    Start by answering some questions about your home. We don’t need to visit your home to make you an offer.

    If your home qualifies, our expert pricing team will use our computer model and detailed analyses to make you a free, competitive cash offer within 2 work days.

  • Review your offer and accept when ready

    Your Properly Experience Manager can walk through your offer with you.

    No hidden fees – we cover inspection, legal, and cleaning costs (and everything else too).

    Due to market fluctuations, our offers stay good for 5 days. We can make you a new offer anytime.

  • Complete a free home inspection

    Know your repair budget up front and leave the legwork to us.

    After you accept your offer, we’ll send a third party, licensed home inspector to your home. If your home needs repairs, we’ll adjust our offer to account for them with no markup.

  • Select your own close date

    Avoid overlapping mortgages and rental costs by selecting your own close date (5-60 days out).

    On close day, we’ll send your cash payment so you can move stress-free.

  • Relax with our Profit Share Guarantee

    After you move, we'll sell your old home. If we sell it for more than your cash offer plus improvements, we pass 50% of the profit back to you.

Still have questions?

Transparent pricing. No hidden fees.

Sell to Properly

Properly Service Fee


(6.9% if you’re not also buying)

To Do List

  1. Answer questions online
  2. Complete free home inspection
  3. Close and move (and never pay overlapping mortgages)

Traditional Way of Selling

Average Realtor Fees

4 - 5%

(varies by province)

To Do List

  1. Hire a realtor
  2. Hire a lawyer ($1,200 on average)
  3. Clean, prep, and repairs (most people spend $1,500-$30,000 upfront)
  4. List on the market
  5. Host showings and open houses
  6. Manage multiple points of contact
  7. Pay overlapping ownership costs (1% of home cost on average)
  8. Close and move

How we calculate offers with 99% accuracy

  • Evaluate comparable homes

    Actual selling prices of nearby homes with similar features are the best indication of your home’s value. Tested on 150,000+ sold homes.

  • Factor in unique features

    Evaluated against comparables homes, we adjust your offer for your home’s size, condition, and upgrades. We even consider nearby schools, parks, transit, businesses – and much more!

  • Calculate market trend effects

    Using over 75 data sources, we model effects of market trends on your particular home.

We help you move on to whatever is next

Sell hassle-free, the Properly way.

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