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8 effective tips to make your real estate listing stand out

Do you need to know how to make your real estate listing stand out in the crowd? Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to draw more attention to your listing and boost buyer interest.

Explore these 8 tips and tricks that will help you maximize the reach of your real estate listing.

Get professionals (a reliable realtor)

Professional real estate agents have reliable knowledge and experience that will simplify the process of selling your home. Your agent will provide personalized services to make the most of your listing. A professional agent’s help will make selling your home less frustrating and more rewarding.

Find the perfect agent to help you sell your home with the team at Properly. Our agents are experts in finding solutions that meet your needs perfectly.

Show your best home features

The next step in learning how to make your real estate listing stand out is to highlight the home’s best features. Share these features early in the listing and include the real estate photos from your photographer.

Another tip that involves showing off fantastic features is using different photos on multiple listings to maximize the reach. Various rooms and photographic angles can draw new viewers' attention to your listing and help you find the perfect buyer faster.

High-quality photos

When you create a real estate listing, buyers first see the photographs you post. If your pictures are lower quality, blurry, or out of focus, buyers won’t want to click through your listing. Invest in a professional photographer to get high-quality real estate photos.

What does a real estate photographer's service provide? To put it simply, expert photography skills will help you make the best first impressions on your potential buyers. Some of the benefits of using a professional photographer include:

  • Selecting better photographic angles
  • Using flattering lighting to highlight the home’s features
  • Arranging furnishings and objects for the best presentation
  • Improving photos with professional edits

Home staging

You might think removing all of your furnishings will help you sell your home, but there is a much better way to catch a buyer’s attention. Professionally staging your home allows potential buyers to visualize themselves using the space more realistically and connect with the home emotionally.

You might also consider trying virtual staging techniques to allow greater creativity and accessibility without exceeding your budget. Virtual staging can provide a digital form of an in-home tour that enhances and simplifies the buying process.

Learn more about our beautiful and detailed home staging services and how investing in your home’s value will help you reach the best buyer.

Use the right keywords

Another secret of how to make your real estate listing stand out involves using keywords — much like a modern blog post. Real estate keywords keenly focus on the features and descriptors that best suit your home, capture buyers' interest, and help search algorithms show your real estate listing as a relevant result.

Ask yourself these questions to hone in on the best keywords for your listing:

Who are your most likely buyers?

  1. Growing families
  2. Mature couples
  3. Independent singles

What are the buyer’s priorities and needs?

  1. Proximity to schools, parks, and recreational venues
  2. Accessible public transportation
  3. Built-in amenities and advanced home technology

How does your home align with the ideal buyer’s goals, and what descriptive phrases match those goals?

  1. Easy to maintain
  2. Spacious
  3. Luxurious

In addition to these questions, you can use various online keyword tools to provide multiple terms that buyers currently use to search for new properties for sale. While some keywords won’t apply to your specific home or region, you will still find inspiration with these search engine optimization (SEO) tools.

Highlight the neighbourhood

Another tip for how to make your real estate listing stand out from the rest is to highlight the location and surrounding points of interest. To entice more potential buyers, you can use local maps or regional demographics to communicate the various benefits of living in your old neighbourhood.

Check out a local real estate website to get ideas on what words best describe your area and better understand what current buyers are looking for right now. Selling your home isn’t just about having beautiful real estate; it’s also about how practical the area will be for the buyer.

Depending on your location, the ideal highlights to focus on might include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Peaceful country setting
  • Proximity to shopping
  • Energetic city location

Every buyer has their own preferences, and highlighting the neighbourhood details will help them make a more informed decision about purchasing your home. It’s better to weed out the buyers that won’t have any genuine interest in your location early in the marketing process.

Be descriptive and honest

Creating a real estate listing involves much more than a price range and a few professional photos. Your listing needs to capture the attention of potential buyers whose goals align with your home's region, neighbourhood, architecture, budget, and more.

Don’t forget the minor but essential details like warranties and upgrades that share the home's long-term value while describing it in the listing. These valuable details reinforce to the buyer that purchasing your old house is a good investment.

Above all, your listing needs to be honest and upfront while still playing up the beneficial features and value that your home can provide. With technology at buyers’ fingertips, trying to hide flaws around your home will only hurt your chances of getting a sale.

Include a floor plan

When you create your property listing, you should include the bird’s eye view floor plans for every level of the house. These visual layouts are beneficial to buyers because they will be able to:

  • See the flow and potential customization of the home.
  • Plan furniture arrangements for easier moving.
  • Visualize room measurements with more precision.

The combination of compelling and informative images creates a stronger connection between a buyer simply viewing your home and making official offers to make your home their own.

Need help with your real estate listing? let us help!

Now that you know how to make your real estate listing stand out, be sure to speak with the experienced real estate agents at Properly to ensure that you make the most of your property listing!


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