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About Brampton

Nestled between Mississauga, Caledon and Vaughan, Brampton, Canada, known as Canada's Flower City, has a population of about 524,000 residents. It is an affordable city and offers convenient transportation options to Toronto. Brampton is one of Canada's most multicultural cities, a place where all are welcome.

Brampton is the perfect location for young adults and families alike. It is home to plenty of libraries, schools, and hospitals and, with over 8,000 businesses, has a booming economy. You can choose from single-family homes, condos, townhouses, apartments, or even Victorian-style homes.

There are plenty of bars, restaurants, markets, concerts, and festivals for an exciting weekend. Or, you can visit one of the various galleries and museums. While Brampton does have an active nightlife, it is also a great area to raise a family.

With an array of parks and outdoor experiences, it is a beautiful and fun location to call home.

Brampton - Land Transfer Tax

When purchasing a property in Brampton, you’ll have to pay the Ontario Land Transfer Tax, which is due upon closing. There is no municipal transfer tax. If you’re a first-time home buyer, you could be eligible for a rebate to a maximum of $4,000. See below for Ontario Land Transfer Tax rates.

Ontario Land Transfer Tax

Purchase PriceRate
$0 - $55,0000.5%
$55,000.01 - $250,0001.0%
$250,000.01 - $400,0001.5%
$400,000.01 - $2,000,0002.0%

Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Provincial tax$6,475
Municipal tax$0
Total land transfer tax$6,475

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