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A client’s eligibility for Sale Assurance is a function of housing market conditions in their neighbourhood.

At this time we have paused all new Sale Assurance offers given unprecedented volatility in the Canadian housing market.

This pause does not impact active clients who have an outstanding Sale Assurance commitment from Properly.
Yes, Properly’s in-house brokerage has over 50 real estate agent partners in the Toronto and Vancouver areas.

Like at most brokerages, Properly agents are independent contractors.

Our agents bring unparalleled service, expert negotiation skills, and robust local knowledge in their mission to help you achieve your goals.
Yes, Properly is currently expanding its mortgage agent team. Today, we offer mortgage brokerage services in the Toronto area.
Properly services are available in the following regions:
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City of Toronto, ON
Durham Region, ON
Peel Region, ON
York Region, ON
Halton Region, ON
Greater Vancouver, BC
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