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Step 1

Buy using your current home’s equity

Properly’s Sale Assurance allows you to access your equity and secure financing when you need it, so you never miss a chance at the right home.

Step 2

Move on your terms

With our Sale Assurance commitment, you can buy and sell on your timeline - there’s no financial pressure to line up dates.

Step 3

Sell from the comfort of your new home

While you settle into your new place, Properly will prep, list, and show your old home to get you the best price on the market.

Buy when you
find the home
you love

Properly’s Sale Assurance acts as a temporary replacement for a traditional sale, allowing you to get firm financing to buy your next home without needing to sell – or even list – your current home first.

Review by Courtney and Justin, Properly customers - We were looking to make an offer on a home we loved in Niagara, but we needed to sell our condo in Leaside first.We wanted to move quickly and Properly allowed us to do so with confidence.Review by Courtney and Justin, Properly customers - We were looking to make an offer on a home we loved in Niagara, but we needed to sell our condo in Leaside first.We wanted to move quickly and Properly allowed us to do so with confidence.

Say goodbye to showings

Don’t worry about keeping things tidy or rushing your family out during tours. We’ll list your home after you move out.

Sell for the best market price

Properly’s top-rated Real Estate Agents are backed by a team of specialists who work together to ensure your home sells for the highest amount.

Eliminate the risk

Sale Assurance is our one-way commitment to you. If for some reason market conditions change, Properly will purchase your current home.

Why choose Properly?

Real estate doesn’t have to be complicated. With Properly, you’ll get results without the headaches of the traditional way.


Traditional Agent Process

Best results

Sell your home on the market for top dollar
Get professional staging, cleaning, and advice, all-includedSometimes


Buy the home you love without the pressure to sell first
Protect yourself from the risk of your home not selling


Move out first, and skip the stress of showings and cleaning
Line up your closing dates and avoid double mortgagesSometimes


We believe in transparency. There are no hidden fees when working with us. Learn more about pricing


Accepted by all leading Canadian Banks

Properly works with your financial institution to help you get seamless approval for your next mortgage.

BMO - Bank of Montreal
CIBC - Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
RBC - Royal Bank of Canada
ScotiaBank - Bank of Nova Scotia
TD - Toronto Dominion Bank

What do our customers say?

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"We had an incredible experience with Properly. From start to finish, the team couldn’t have been more professional, responsive and efficient. We enjoyed working with Jessica who was an amazing guide throughout the process. She was knowledgeable, honest, and dependable."

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Kailey Mangold

December 2020Google review
Map of property
"Having the Properly back-up offer in hand gave us the confidence to stay the course and hold out for the best possible offer - Rahim even got creative in final negotiations with the final buyers to extract an additional $10K despite there being no competing offers in hand. "

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Tyler James

November 2020Google review
Map of property
"We had been looking at units in a small townhouse complex for several years, but the timing was never right. Rahim and Properly helped reduce the stress and risk of the entire home buying and selling process for us. We had not moved in 24 years and really needed this help to get us through."

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Barry Grosman

September 2020Google review

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