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We’re building a diverse, value-driven workplace where everyone on our team is empowered to dream big, confidently approach new challenges, and — most importantly — be themselves.

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Our cultural norms

Our cultural norms are the foundation of life at Properly.

Put people first

We care deeply about, and have tremendous respect for, our teammates, customers and partners.

Act like an owner

We take pride in shared success, and make decisions with a long-term perspective.

Dream big

We believe that the future will be better because we can make it so.

Compete as a team

We measure success by our collective, not personal, achievement.

Have strong opinions, loosely held

We put in the work required to have an opinion, but are open-minded when debating them because we’re in search of the best ideas.

Raise the bar

We are never satisfied because our teammates, customers and partners will always deserve, and expect, more.

Read our CEO's note about our cultural norms.

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Perks of the job

At Properly, we know it's important to give our team the resources and support they need to stay healthy, happy, and motivated.

Unlimited vacation (that people actually use)
Lots of social events (in person and remote)
Generous parental leave
$1,000 annual professional development budget
Extended health benefits and life insurance from day 1
Home office budget
Employee discount on Properly’s services
Company equity for all full-time employees

Our hiring process is transparent and designed to minimize bias

We use research-backed methods to create a level playing field for all of our job candidates. These include blind interview scoring, panel interviews, written notes, and zero tricks.

Our hiring process is designed to be equitable for a diverse talent pool and to provide any necessary accommodations for all interviewees.

Properly team at work

Introductory call with our Talent Team

Get acquainted and tell us why you’re interested in working at Properly.


Zoom interviews

Meet with your hiring manager, present a take-home assignment, and meet with people from across the company.



We’ll ask for a few references, such as past managers and colleagues, to speak with over the phone. There’s no need for a letter of reference.


Get a decision fast

We do our best to get back to you quickly and communicate expectations throughout the hiring process.

Work from anywhere across Canada

We’re a hybrid company with employees from coast to coast. Everyone on our team has the flexibility to work from our offices in Toronto and Vancouver, remotely, or both.

A loose illusration of Cananda in dark green. Toronto and Vancouver have pins with Properly flags indicating that we have an office there.

Properly respectfully acknowledges that our Toronto and Vancouver offices are located on the traditional land of many First Nations. Our Toronto office is located on the traditional land of the Haudenosaunee, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, and the Wendat peoples, and the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit Nation. Our Vancouver office is located on the traditional territory of the Musqueam, the Squamish, and the Tsleil-Waututh Nations.

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VP Product

Canada or United States

Why folks love working at Properly

Glassdoor rating of 4.7
Great Place to Work
Best Workplaces 2022
Best Workplaces for Women 2022

“Properly is an amazing place to work and the team is exceptional for many reasons! People, including the senior leadership team are extremely caring, empathetic and truly put people first. Amazing effort from the whole team to make Properly a safe space for everyone with inspiring work and initiatives around diversity, equity & inclusion and mental health.”

“Great, innovative company trying to shake up a pretty archaic industry. Everyone in the company seems to be at the top of their game and motivated to help everyone succeed. Very diverse group of motivated people both in background and skill sets.”

“Incredibly intelligent and competent team, collaborative environment, respect for employees as individuals with lives outside of work, immense transparency, growth opportunities, great mission and huge market opportunity.”