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Our data-backed, human hiring process

Properly team at work

Introductory call with our Talent Lead

Get acquainted and tell us why you’re interested in working at Properly.

Zoom interviews

Meet with your hiring manager, present a take-home assignment, and meet with people from across the company. We proactively reduce interview bias using interview methods informed by research, such as blind interview scoring, having multiple interviewers, and diversifying interviewers from across the company.


We’ll ask for a few references, such as past managers and colleagues, to speak with over the phone. There’s no need for a letter of reference.

Get a decision fast

We do our best to get back to you quickly and communicate expectations throughout the hiring process.

Properly cultural norms

Put people first

We care deeply about, and have tremendous respect for, our teammates, customers and partners.

Compete as a team

We measure success by our collective, not personal, achievement.

Act like an owner

We take pride in shared success, and make decisions with a long-term perspective.

Have strong opinions, loosely held

We put in the work required to have an opinion, but are open-minded and respectful when debating them, in search of the best ideas.

Dream big

We believe that the future will be better because we can make it so.

Raise the bar

We are never satisfied because our teammates, customers and partners will always deserve, and expect, more.

Don’t see the right job opportunity?

We’re always seeking top talent, so send your resume anyway