A move that makes sense.

With Properly, you can buy when you find the home you love, move in, and then sell your old home from the comfort of your new one.

How to buy, move, then sell

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Step 1

Tell us about your home

Connect with the Properly team to determine if buying first and selling later is right for you. Properly will provide you with Sale Assurance for your qualifying home, allowing you to access your equity and secure financing so you never miss a chance at a home you love.

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Step 2

Tour homes to find
one you love

We’ll match you with an experienced local Real Estate Agent so you can start looking for your next home with the confidence that you’ll be able to make an offer when you find the one. Your agent will recommend personalized listings, schedule showings, and negotiate the right offer for you.

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Step 3

Buy your new home
and move in

When you find the home you love, take Properly’s Sale Assurance to the financial institution of your choice to secure the financing you need to make it official - no traditional sale on your current home required. Close on your new home with support from the Properly team, and then move in!

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Step 4

Properly lists your
old home

After you’ve moved out of your old home, we’ll sell it on the market. You’ll set its listing price, empowered with our advice. Properly’s team of experts will take care of cleaning, staging, handyperson services, and marketing to attract buyers. We’ll show your old home at its best while you relax in your new one.

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Step 5

Sell for the best price
on the market

Start getting offers on your home and choose the highest one from potential buyers.

The vast majority of homes sell on the market within 90 days. We expect your home will too, but if for some reason the market conditions change, Properly will purchase your home. It’s our one-way commitment to you.

Buy your next home with the equity from your current home

Access your equity with Sale Assurance

Up to$2.75M

Properly’s Sale Assurance replaces the need for a traditional sale on your current home, allowing you to secure financing to purchase your next home.

Learn more about what homes qualify

Get the best offer
for your home

Best offer

We make sure your home shines on the market with professional photography, staging, handyperson services, and marketing, so you can get the best price on the market.

Pay the same commission
for more value


on city

Pay the same as you would a traditional agent – but get so much more. There are no hidden fees.

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Our full-service Real Estate Agents ensure a better move

  • Top-rated - We go above and beyond to make your real estate experience amazing. Our recommendations will always be personalized and in your best interests

  • Local experts - We match you with a team that has experience where you want to buy and sell, so you get the benefit of local knowledge and insights

  • Data-driven - We’ve created innovative technology to help you make informed decisions and get the most out of your purchase and sale

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Staged interior

We professionally prep, clean, and stage your old home to get you the best price on the market

Skip weeks of prep work, cleaning, and vacating your home for showings

Avoid living in your home during COVID-19 while potential buyers are visiting your home

Professional staging and furniture from Properly will make your home look its best for potential buyers

What people are saying

"[Properly] enables the seller to get the necessary financing to buy their new property, close the deal and move in to the new home."
Financial Post
"...a new way to substantially reduce the risk in the buying and selling process"
BNN Bloomberg
"A new model has emerged with Properly, which offers home sellers a guaranteed sale and price."
Globe and Mail
"Properly will allow its clients to confidently and seamlessly purchase and move into a new home before they even list their old one."
"Great experience […] I don’t know why anyone would use a traditional real estate broker."
"Properly provided a staging consult, and a handyman to get our house ready for the showing. It was a HUGE life saver, and made listing/selling quickly possible."

Qualify to buy, move, then sell

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