A simpler way to buy and sell.

Avoid the stress of selling and buying a home at the same time. With Properly’s Sale Assurance, you can buy before you sell. No double mortgages required.

How to buy, move, then sell

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Step 1

Tell us about your home

Connect with our team and tell us all about your current home and its unique features. We’ll use this information to determine your home’s fair market price and calculate the value of your Sale Assurance contract.

Couple touring a home with an agent

Step 2

Find a new home you love

Tour homes with an experienced Properly agent and feel confident knowing you’ll be able to make an unconditional offer when you find the one you love.

A family with keys to their new home

Step 3

Buy your new home
(and move in!)

Bring your Sale Assurance contract to any lender. They’ll use it to approve you for a mortgage and bridge loan to buy your new home before you sell your current one.

Modern interior of a well appointed apartment

Step 4

List your old place

Once you’re moved into your new home, it’s time to put your old place on the market. We’ll take care of the cleaning, staging, and showings.

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Step 5

Sell your home for
the best price

Get offers from potential buyers and choose the highest one.

Our risk-free guarantee: If your home doesn’t sell on the market within 90 days, we’ll buy it from you at the agreed-upon Sale Assurance price.

The benefits of buying a new home before you sell

Avoid paying more
than one mortgage

To give your bank account a bit of a break, we’ll help cover your mortgage and interest payments.

Skip the hassle of
home showings

The showings on your existing place don’t start until you’re settled into your new home.

Access your hard-
earned equity

Sale Assurance enables you to unlock the equity in your current home — to put toward a new one.

Find out which homes qualify

Our top-rated Real Estate Agents make buying and selling a breeze

  • Enjoy personalized service - We’ll match you with an experienced agent who suits your unique real estate goals and knows your neighbourhood.

  • Get data-driven advice - Your agent will equip you with data-backed advice to help you make more informed buying and selling decisions.

  • Access our full team - Our team of marketing, staging, pricing, and data experts will be working behind the scenes to support your move.

Headshots of Properly agents
Staged interior

We professionally prep, clean, and stage your home to increase its value — and maximize your profit

Dedicated staging budget - We’ll redecorate your home to reflect what local buyers are looking for.

1-day deep clean - Professional cleaning to make your house sparkle before the showings start.

Top-quality photos - Because the better the listing photos, the more people tour your house.

The people have spoken (and they love Properly)

"[Properly] enables the seller to get the necessary financing to buy their new property, close the deal and move in to the new home."
Financial Post
"...a new way to substantially reduce the risk in the buying and selling process"
BNN Bloomberg
"A new model has emerged with Properly, which offers home sellers a guaranteed sale and price."
Globe and Mail
"Properly will allow its clients to confidently and seamlessly purchase and move into a new home before they even list their old one."
"Great experience […] I don’t know why anyone would use a traditional real estate broker."
"Properly provided a staging consult, and a handyman to get our house ready for the showing. It was a HUGE life saver, and made listing/selling quickly possible."

Buy with confidence.
Sell without stress.