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Properly is a different kind of real estate brokerage. It's the stress-free, full-service, modern way to move.
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Buying and selling a home can be a stressful experience: finding the best home for your family, trying to keep the house clean for showings, lining up closing dates. There are a lot of moving pieces to consider.

Moving to a new home is a big milestone, and while every move is different, at Properly we believe that no move should be stressful. Whether you're a growing family ready for more space, a young couple saying goodbye to a downtown condo, or just looking to enter the market, we're here to make sure your buying and selling experience is turnkey. 

Watch a few of our clients share their headache-free home journeys in their own words. Their stories are unique, but they all end the same way: in a perfect new home.

Tyler & Emily - “It was a huge relief to not have to live through the showings.” 

With 3 “insanely messy” kids at home (Emily’s words, not ours!), Tyler and Emily appreciated how Properly’s Sale Assurance not only gave them the confidence to buy first, but also let them skip living through the showing process and present their old home at it’s best. 

Maria - “She decorated it so beautifully that when we went in and saw our home, we loved it and we wanted to buy it again!”

When Maria and Rajan welcomed their new baby, their townhouse started to feel a little crowded, so they were ready for a quick, hassle-free move. Properly helped them purchase a 5-bedroom house in just 7 days, and our professional staging helped them sell their old  home for over-asking in under 24 hours. 

Trevor & Kate - “It’s the only way to buy and sell your home.”   

After 6 moves between them, Trevor and Kate know a thing or two about buying a home - but moving during a pandemic initially gave them pause. In a hot seller’s market, Properly’s Sale Assurance allowed them to confidently bid first, purchasing a 4-bedroom home with lots of green space for their dog, CJ. 

Whether you’re dreaming of a house that’s right for you, wondering how much your current home is worth, or you’re interested in learning how you can buy before you sell, head to Properly.ca to see how we do real estate differently.

Properly is a Canadian tech-enabled real estate brokerage transforming the home buying and selling experience as the only service in Canada that helps homeowners to buy before they sell.